We hope you can find some inspiration and or help from these links in between club meets, but please don't forget that our members are there to help each other, so do not forget to bring any questions you may have to the next club meet or zoom night.
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Camera Decision.com
If you are looking for a new or used camera, and have narrowed it down to one or two, this website makes it easy to compare their specs, strengths and weaknesses, in a side by side review.
Free to use, no subscription required. Highly recommended.​​​​​​​
F Stoppers.com
A great online photography magazine with lots of articles, lessons and reviews of all thing photography.​​​​​​​
Ken Rockwell
Ken Rockwell has many reviews of all kinds of photography gear. His reviews are very thorough and complimented with real world tests and examples.​​​​​​​
More sites being added soon.
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