Below you can find a selection of videos that we recommend to explain the basics of photography. These are intended to help as needed in between club meetings, but there is nothing like hands on practice, so if there is anything you would like to know more about, be sure to ask on our Facebook groups, or any of the next meetings where our friendly members will be happy to help out.
Also check out our Club Diary for upcoming Practical Sessions, and Organised Outings where again, our members will me more than happy to advise and guide you as required. 
Aperture Explained.
The video below is a nicely illustrated explanation of what aperture is, and how it affects camera settings and the final image.
Simple iPhone Tips.
A nice short video demonstrating some very useful built in iPhone tools.
Depth of Field / How To Blur Backgrounds.
A simple video explaining how to use aperture to create smooth backgrounds.
Do you have a video that you think would benefit our fellow members?
If so, please email the link or details to or use the contact form.